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Thread: VendlandFX Action Pack for FREE

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    Default VendlandFX Action Pack for FREE

    Hey guys, before we get into a discussion, I'd like to ask of you to please watch this video first:

    Are there any video makers out there that are interested in this? If so, download the pack, its basically an extension of Action Essentials, (but I created it myself). Also, if you guys could do a bro a favor, click the first link in the description brofist.

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    Wow! Looks great! Very nice VFX. I also really loved the way you told your viewers about it in an exciting way I'll be sure to try to notify you when I use your pack in an upcoming video.

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    Awesome man, have yet to download it myself but I definitly will ! Currently using the "Action Essintials Pack" but the more choice in vfx the better !

    Also I loved your short film on your Channel, very awesome I have to say keep up the good work !

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