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    Shot this using a Panasonic TM900 and a gopro hd2.......................... My editing stills are very basic as im used to onboard camera's usally but ive got an interest in outside stuff lately and should really try more ideas................ 22-01-2012 / Marshals Payback Trackday / Mondello - YouTube

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    I thought the footage itself was pretty good and I think you kept it moving along reasonably nicely by varying the type of shot every few seconds.

    The biggest problem for me was that it had a total lack of narrative. Once it became clear that the next 2 minutes was going to be the same as the last two minutes and the two minutes before that I bailed. I'm not suggesting that there is no room for something which is no more than a montage, but that a montage should last no more than two minutes.

    If you can give the sequence some sort of narrative, hook the viewer in so that they want t find out what's going to happen next and/or the eventual outcome, then you can think about a longer piece. But just 8 minutes of shots - no matter how good - isn't going to cut the mustard wth anyone except the participants or possible as a rolling demo advertising the event/circut/club.

    There were one or two spoyts where I liked your use of dissolves - in particular one point with the cars going away from the camera, the dissappear as another comes into view - an effective way of condensing the time which looked quite artistic - but dissolves for every transition? Please no! Straight cuts all the way please unless there's a very good reason not to. Furthermore, dissolves tend to slow the pace - probably te reverse of the effect you'd want for a vid about motor sport.

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    Thanks for the comment and i will try everything you suggested, helps me try better my editing.

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    I think Tims said the main points already. If I knew what it's purpose is, I be able to judge it better. As it is now it's sort of half way between a video for the people who were there and something for general petrol heads. It doesn't hit either market as it's not one or the other.

    The camera work seems ok.

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    Must admit I am not a big racing fan unlike my mates (ie) get ripped about it.

    So your video isn't something I would normally watch however I thought the camera work was really good and the quality of the footage the TM900 captured seemed very good to me .

    Know it got rave reviews being a blend of HDD and SD plus HD.

    Now if you shot a video about parachute jumping you have got me hook line and sinker!


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