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Thread: Sony Vegas here I come !!!!!

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    Smile Sony Vegas here I come !!!!!

    Hi Guys

    I am presently using WMM 2.1 service pack and can use it well (not hard I know!)

    Donít laugh!

    However as my P.C is getting very old now (20th century) when I eventually have to upgrade I think it would be wise to start getting to grips with learning how to use Sony Vegas now whilst I am still using and can get things done with WMM. That way I can make a nice future transition to Vegas and leave WMM behind, as I know WMM can be limiting.

    Now I know with all software that there are good version and not so good versions just like with windows as apparently Vista was not as good/stable as XP or Windows 7.

    I am a long way from shooting in HD (lol!!!) and to be honest may never need to.

    I have a Panasonic NVGS 400 and am more than happy with it.

    My goal is to be able to edit picture/sound and usual editing stuff like transitions and add 2 levels of audio and video effects basically WMM can do what I need more or less without sound editing.

    I am really interested in quality for uploading to You Tube as that is what my project/s are all about (ie) upload to you tube and then embed into wordpress sites.

    As I am moving from WMM which of the below Vegas versions that I can get off Amazon U.k do you recommend for a newbee like me that would make a nice introduction to Vegas ??

    I imagine getting HD versions is not necessary from what I have said and may overwhelm me with features I donít need to know ??

    Anyway you guys have forgotten more than I know about Sony Vegas so I am in your capable hands.

    So please help me get started with Vegas without getting information overload!!

    Like I said main goal is export quality for you tube.

    Vegas here I come!!! (Optimist)

    Cheers everyone


    Sony Vegas Movie studio HD platinum production suite 11 - £35

    Sony Vegas Movie studio HD platinum 11 - £20

    Sony Vegas Movie studio HD platinum suite 10 - £20

    Sony Vegas Movie studio HD platinum 10 - £18

    Sony Vegas Movie studio 9 2008 - £13

    Sony Vegas Movie studio 9 pro pack - £24

    Sony Vegas Movie studio 8 platinum edition - £20

    Sony Vegas Movie studio 9 platinum - £15

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    If you look at the comparison chart here you can see exactly what is included with each version of what is mostly the same software. This is only a comparison of all the different version 11's as this is the current version so you will notice for example if you get the platinum version you get some useful colour correction tools but not in the plain studio version. In the production suit version you get some "New Blue FXs" and Sound Forge Audio program, which may be useful. I wouldn't look at getting anything under version 10. I don't really know what is difference is between version 10 & 11 but I don't think it's very different.

    My advice would be to go for Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite because of the extras you get compared to the others but you pay £15 extra for them, which is actually a very good price for what you get.

    Well that's my input.

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    Default Thanks as always Midnight!

    So glad you found this thread Midnight.

    Didn't want to PM you as didnít want to get on your nerves!

    Your opinion is very important to me and if you say get the latest version of Vegas then that is what I will do. Plus there isnít much of a price differences your right.

    It wasnít the price difference that concerned me Midnight but the complexity from moving up from WMM (Yikes!!!)

    Daft question but the software is literally double the price from Sony Vegas site compared to Amazon U.K I take it there is no difference in support etc??

    (ie) Buy from Amazon UK and save £??????

    Midnight must be honest with you I am a bit nervous about starting with Vegas as some people do say it is hard to learn but hey wonít know unless I try.

    Plus I can always get a trail version first.

    Realise you are a Vegas Veteran and a lot other experienced guys on here use Vegas so it must be good software!!

    Hope it isnít too hard the tutorials look very good!!!

    No other software recommendations/advice for some one like me before I take the leap into complexity!

    Oh crap here I go!

    Cheers Midnight


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    if you say get the latest version of Vegas then that is what I will do
    Get Midnight a Sony F65 that's my new advice.

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    Thumbs up Ha !!!

    Didn't even know what that was till I googled it Midnight .

    I thought Sony had started to make planes as F65 makes me think of fighter planes!!

    Why would I get you one of those .....crap them.



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    The "problem" is that any NLE is a complex bit of software. In practice, at the beginning (and ideed most of teh time when experienced) we only use a very small percentage of what the program is capable of.
    So there are a coupel of issues:

    1. Do I like the way that the program handles the sttuff I want to do all the time (cut clips, move them around, separate audio from video, layer tracks etc) - do I find that intuitive?
    2. Do I find it easy to ignore all the other and pieces hanging around teh screen, or do they just make it duifficult for me to locate the actions I want quickly?

    The two packages you are perhaps most likely to use - Premiere Elements and Vegas Movie Studio allow you to lay out your windows in different ways so you can have frequently used tools always available and imnfrequently used ones hidden. Ironically though, people tend not to get into such aspects as re-arranging their desktop layout until they have become proficient.

    Premiere and Vegas "feel" very different to me. Personally I do not like the feel of Premiere, but I tend to recommend anyone who has Photoshop experience at least tries it out as they will immediately feel some familiarity. Having said that, i'm sure if Vegas went kaput and I had to use Premiere, I'd grow to like it's feel within a few weeks.

    Both programs offer 30 day trails. I suggest you try them out and play with them as much as possible.

    As for the price difference you should be OK with Amazon. just make sure it is really new. It is quite legitimate for a user to sell on a copy of Vegas having upgraded it (and transfer the licence). For example I could sell you my Vegas Pro 10, having upgraded to Vegas Pro 11. However, as I've already upgraded the serial number for v10 you would NOT be able to upgrade it again.

    Which ever version of Vegas you go with, make sure you get one that comes with DVD Architect Studio (the cheapest in each version doesn't, I think) or you'll need other software to make DVDs.

    I disagree with Midnight about not getting a version before version 10. They all look much the same and if you gain experience in Version 9 this will not be wasted as and when you upgrade to version (12?). Neither, if past upgradeds are anything to go by, will it be any more expensive to upgrade to the next vesrion.

    The decision is whether to go for the latest version - which is the version that any support effort will be going on - or the cheapest version (in which case version 9 is fine).

    Midnight mifght be a bit wary because of problems some issues users are experiencing on Vegas Pro 11 which is reasonable enough. But Vegas Movie Studio 11 was released at least 6 months ahead of Pro so it's had far longer for its bugs to be ironed out.

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    Thumbs up Cheers Tim !!!!

    Cheers for great reply Tim.

    Glad you found my thread too outside (cinematography)

    I am venturing out.

    Yes I imagine I will only use a tiny fraction of what Vegas can do!

    Your 2 points about how user friendly I find it are taken on board.

    Makes good sense.

    Itís good I can modify the look to fit in with what I use most. Very handy.

    Midnight likes Vegas and you like Vegas so it is certainly good enough for me.

    I appreciate the most important thing is how I personally find it as I have no Photoshop experience and just WMM I will go with Vegas

    Yes 30-day trails are great for me to play around with and have a go.

    Thanks for tip about buying from Amazon Tim I will make sure I am buying new software!!!
    Great point.

    Yes I will make sure I get DVD Architect looks like a good program and very handy for future .

    Thanks for input about versions. ÖTaken on board Tim just like with Midnights advice.

    To be honest like I said WMM works well with my old P.C and I will use it whilst I get to grips with Vegas but my computer wont last forever and it is already starting to crash a few times a day canít complain as it is very old.

    So I know a new computer is round the corner.

    Am I the only person who gets attatched to their computer I wonít like seeing it go it has served me well for a long time.

    WMM can be used on a new computer but I think it does make sense to start to move on now. Especially after finding this forum.

    I think whatever version of Vegas I get it will be more than good enough for anything I want to do. As I said WMM can almost do it fro me but is lacking in sound editing and export settings

    So once I learn Vegas well like I have with WMM it will be a great investment of my time as I cant see the need to progress to PRO .

    Vegas movie studio will serve me well.

    Quote me that back in a few years time Tim when I am asking what version of Pro to buy !!!

    Thanks as always for your great and helpful input Tim .

    Cheers Tim


    P.s - Did you get my P.M about battery not sure if it went O.k??

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    It was worth a try.

    The try before you buy is a good idea and I'd second Tims suggestion to do that. My advice still stands for the reason stated, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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    Default Can't think what to put?

    Got you Midnight

    Love this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    : My advice still stands for the reason stated, I get a £10 royalty fee from Sony every time i recommend Vegas.
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