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Thread: Pamela - short french movie

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    Default Pamela - short french movie

    What do you think about this movie ? Your criticism interests me.

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    It's just a short movie directed by a friend and me, during one little day. It's directed ​​without pretense, just to train.

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    There's not much of a narrative which makes it a bit slow. The skin tone of the guy is a bit red. Not much else to say about it.

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    Watched it and it was ....... different but I watched it to the end so it must of intrigued me.

    Thought the music fitted very well.

    Not experienced enough myself to comment on use of camera and certainly not enough to criticise this video .

    What camera and editing software are you using out of interest?

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    My only additional comment, I didn't think the shallow depth of field worked - it made the two characters appear much further apart from each other, which I don't think was the intention.

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    Pamelas a bit "wooden"

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    Should of got a real doll

    OOPS Not that I would know ......heard about them.

    Then again it wouldn't work as well as the cheaper doll.

    I don't mean work as design and features I mean in the video.

    Crap I have just moved up to member level no longer a junior
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    I think the camera work and editing is great. The actor is trying too hard and there no real message for the viewer.

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    Thanks for your comments.

    You used the 5D mark II and CS5 for editing. It was our first movie with this camera, we learn more.

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    Look forward to seeing your future projects.

    Best of luck

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