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    Hi, now i'm into high definition in all its aspects, tv, players and video camera i'm stuck with only a 32 bit working pc.
    All works ok with abobe premiere elements 10 inconjuction with a panasonic hdc90 camcorder, however, i'm now in need to get good slow motion, down to 30% is ok, is there any software out there to give non jerky effects say down to 10% speed, what can i do with 50 p or 50 i if you get my drift?

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    In my experience, slowing 50i or 25p down to anything less than 70% provides "jerky" playback. There simply aren't enough frames to provide smooth playback. Plugins such as Twixtor can be used, but in my experience they're not a magic solution to providing slow playback, just do it better (upto 70%). To get down to 10%, you really need to record at a higher framerate - some cameras will record at 50p for example. This will immediately give you 50% slow motion with no loss in quality.

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    I'm a fan of the last version of Final Cut Studio, and in Final Cut Studio comes Motion 4 which has the ability to interface with FCP7. In Motion 4 you have the ability to use a feature called "Optical Flow" which "guesses" and creates frames in between frames. While it's not true slow motion, in moderation it creates a somewhat acceptable product.

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    You can also access optical flow directly within FCPX without the need to go to Motion.

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    I've experimented with this and found that Marc is right. With the right shot and expert use of software like twixter you can get some nice looking slow mo. I'm not an expert so I keep getting a lot of distortion when I use it. I did an experimental video of a fountain to see what it would look like if I slow it right down to 10%. While it gave an interesting effect it didn't look like slow motion more like a fast slide show.

    If you take a look at between 0:39 and 0:56 secs on the video below you will see what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    If you take a look at between 0:39 and 0:56 secs on the video below you will see what I mean.
    Thanks. An interesting demo. The software seems to have created the new frames by dissolving between the existing frames. I suggest that the big globs of water appear more natural because most of the object remains pretty much the same from frame to frame (except around the edges), but small drops appear and disappear without moving position; until the next real frame; when the drop jerks into a new position.
    (I am sure more complex algorithams do exist to generate the intervening frames. It would require the software to analyse and generate the interpolated frames based on the differences between frames.)

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