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Thread: Using clips from feature films - How?

  1. Smile Using clips from feature films - How?


    I am using Sony platinum HD 11 and have a souped up computer to give you the basics of what I use to edit.

    I was wondering if I need a program that allows me to use clips from films.
    I went on a holiday to NEw York last year and visited some movie location from the movies The Warriors, Amityville Horror and the Exorcist.
    What I am aiming to to is show a clip from a certain part of a movie (only a short grab) and then add my footage so the viewers can understand.
    I know some DVD's are copyrighted etc but surely there is something out there?

    My next worry is that Sony Vegas doesn't shit itself if I add it to the timeline or freak out when I render?

    Any advice would be appreciated?


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    Google "dvddecrypter".

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    Smile Hope this helps you a bit

    Hi There Shane

    Hope the below helps even though it isn’t what you want to hear!!

    DVD Decrypter is really good just as Marc says as is DVD fab for getting the footage/clips you want off the specific movie (DVD).

    Another slow way is to wait for movie to be broadcast on T.V/SKY?? So you can record it and then extract the clips you want.

    Regardless of how you do it you are breaking copyright law. (PAIN!!!)

    Even if using very small clips (I looked into this) myself for past project and paid a copyright lawyer).

    In the U.S you could technically MAYBE !!! get away with fair use as what you are using is insubstantial (i.e.) small part of a whole movie compared to if you used a image (copyright protected photo) = substantial (i.e.) using all of the work (whole image) film is different as is music as you can use a specific % of the whole work .

    For example if you use 2 and half minute clip from a 120 min film you are technically using approx 2.5% of the total work and if not a key part what you take is not a complete representation of the work.

    For example a non-specific clip from “Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind” would be less troublesome compared to a very recognisable key part of the film. (i.e.) famous music section where they met the aliens (love that bit!!)

    Even those few specific notes played in that order are so ingrained in our psyche and associated to the film that people have got into trouble using them in their own works even though literally 5 seconds long!!!!!

    Copyright law is a real pain and a major grey area!

    What is this for Shane ??

    You tube/Vimeo/etc etc?

    Or for personal use to show family and friends in own home?

    If you are distributing even though not selling or charging people to view it is risky!

    Now I know there are thousands of “You tube” videos uploaded breaking copyright law every minute using music clips and movie clips put together in montages etc or fan videos but that is up to you (i.e.) take the risk or not)

    You tube account closed etc etec

    If for personal use and family/friends in own home go for it Shane buy the software mentioned by Marc or me (DVD FAB) and get going with your project.

    One great resource Shane is a site I found for my own past and ongoing project called.

    Literally thousands of clips organised for you by actor, movie, etc etc

    Their clips can be shared embedded in your website and are fully licensed.

    However definately worth contacting them first to double check!!!!

    I contacted Zach (CEO) fantastic guy and he was so helpful to me I can’t’ recommend movieclips more highly!!!

    Regardless if you use them it is a great site to know for personal use if you are a movie fanatic like me !!!!!

    Not affiliated by the way (lol!!)

    Hope this reply was helpful Shane I have had so much fantastic help from this forum it is great to be able to give something back in a small way .

    All the best and god luck with your project.


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    Oh yes Marc's advise is better (ie)( free of "Afterdawn" website.

    DVD Fab = £


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    Thanks guys. I will check out dvddecrypter.

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