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Thread: I REALLY could do with some camera advice people. :-)

  1. Default I REALLY could do with some camera advice people. :-)

    Hi Everyone,,

    I hope you can help with some knowledge of cameras that will help me to continue with my interest of videography.
    I recently suffered a very rare stroke called a Thalamic Stroke, my symptoms are complete numbness from the centre of my body, down my entire left side, my hand is only about 50% of what it used to be, it's useable but intricate things are tricky. I am predominantly right handed so basic operation of my 2 3ccd units is normal, but as they are palm size I am unable to steady them with the left as good as I used to, hence when recording sport aeroplanes the ability to keep the movements smooth has reduced especially, as you can imagine, when closing in on the action.

    I am considering buying a larger unit, even a shoulder mounted camera, my budget is 1800 ish and I would like to know if mini DV is still better than hard disc or data card recording, and if my budget will allow for a High Def , variable rate/50fps, and maybe an iris adjustable (depth of field adjustable) camera.
    Which cameras would you advise trying?

    Also any advice regarding steadying of suggested cameras to enable good shooting of model airplains and helicopters
    And are there any shops or companies within a 100 mile radius of Stevenage Herts with a good selection of units that can be handled/tried?

    Kind Regards


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    I suggest you have a chat with the guys at Creative Video - broadcast & professional solutions. In terms of formats, card based solutions are typically the way to go these days. but for you ease of use of operation would be the critical selling point.

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    Regarding the steadying I would use a tripod. If this is not practicle for you then a use a monopod.

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    Thanks for the link Marc, I will give the a buzz,,
    MB, I have found pods have been too restrictive in the past, I will certainly give them a go again as so much has changed for me,
    thanks for taking the time to post guys

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