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Thread: How have they done it?

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    Default How have they done it?

    I apologize in advance if this is a super newbie series of questions.

    I'm looking to copy The Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) opening intro video style for a project and am wanting to get a bit of detective work done on how it all actually comes together.

    Take a look at this video:

    UFC 134 intro Silva vs Okami - YouTube

    I'm trying to replicate the style from 0:00 to 0:56.

    I'm relatively new to the field, so I'll just through some guesses in the air.

    - Green screen background that has been chroma-keyed out?
    - Lighting from one side (although the type of lighting, I have no idea)
    - I've no idea how they caught the audio so well though?

    Any thoughts?

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    Yes a green-screen could do that, and for such events they often have a green-screen to give a back-drop during the interviews.
    Lighting as you say is key, others are far more qualified than I to give specifics.
    Audio = A very good boom mic out of shot below the talent or above the talent.

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    You wont need a green screen, just a reasonably large very dark room.

    You want a backlight shining down from behind on your subject to get that highlight around the hair, neck, shoulders and at least a key light shining on to their face to illuminate them.

    If you use a third light you can get better control. Use the key to illuminate the face and position the shadows as desired, but have a lower and softer fill light to help you get the balance you want.



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