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Thread: Vegas Movie studio 10 problem

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    Unhappy Vegas Movie studio 10 problem

    I'm trying to open .avi files in vegas movie studio HD platinum 10 but when I drag the files into the cutting window only the audio peaks are shown and the video is shown as media offline. The video wont show in the preview box and only the audio file is added when moved down to the editing area. I have turned off the close files bit but the files open this way from the start. I tried going back to a previous version of quicktime too ( since vegas last worked I had updated my quicktime) but to no avail. Is there something I can do to fix this?

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    It sounds like a codec issue. What else has changed from when you could see the footage. If you check what is inside the .avi file with Gspot and see if it's installed on your computer this might help.

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    Thanks, I checked with g psot but it says I have the correct codec, the only thing that had changed is that I updated my itunes/quicktime and the video no longer shows up at all in the trimmer or editing part. still says media offline when put in the editing area. Should I try downloading the codecs anyway?

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    Have you tried seeing if this occurs with other .AVI files? If what you say about your codecs being right, is true. Then it means that your particular file is glitchy. I don't know if this counts for anyone else but I usually try to stay away from .AVI files. They're good but they always take up so much space and there's always some sort of problem with them so I usually convert my files to .WMV or a HD .MP4.

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    It occurs with all my Avi files, I'll try converting some and see if that works.

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    It does sound like a codec problem then. Try converting it to .WMV, if that doesn't work then try downloading, or if you already have, re-downloading CCCP. CCCP should cover every codec a video maker needs to use or people who like to watch movies all day on their PCs.

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    I have exactly the same problem except on some of my files there is a picture (those usually work) and on some the name is in blue but they seem no different to the normal ones, although all of them seem to work fine when I click on them straight from my documents and into windows media player...

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    Some CODECs only allow playing of the video and not editing. To get the editing version visit the relevant website.

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