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Thread: FCP 7: Warning - Dropped frames

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    Exclamation FCP 7: Warning - Dropped frames

    I'm editing a project in FCP 7 and I dragged a clip into a new sequence, which then changed to conform to the clips settings (all video clips are the same setting as this clip, 1080p, 30fps etc). But when I playback I get the dropped frames warning on almost every cut. I have cleared more disk space, shut down windows parallel, verified disk, rebooted, lowered compression and render quality, encoded my .m4a file to the more palatable .aiff file but I still get the same issue. I've never had the problem this bad before, and I'm looking for some more tips on what to do, or what I'm doing wrong.

    I am using some stills, with motion and effects but nothing major - just gaussian blurs, dissolves and basic motion. The stills have an apparent frame-rate of 29.97 in the browser window but I would have thought they would just conform to the current sequences frame-rate settings?

    [edit: The renders are coming up strange too, almost every second clip renders twice the speed, leaving the remainder of the clip black. the compression is H.264]

    [edit 2: screw H.264, I've reencoded every clip to Pro Res 422 HQ and so far it's working fine. so far.... (wish I tried that before deleting 100GB of tv/films) now to repeat the renaming and reordering process to all the Pro Res versions... joy]
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    Glad to hear you've got it working now.
    Just wondering what was the format of the original files? .mov?

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    Thanks BritishEye.

    Yep: .mov , h.264

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