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Thread: Can't record normally from my webcam with any software

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    Default Can't record normally from my webcam with any software

    I am quite frustrated with my attempts to just record a short video clip from my webcam
    I tried all the atop ranking software packages (those that are free)

    Particularly, those are my results with two well known programs:

    Windows Live Movie Maker:
    - The first few seconds are recorded ok, and than the video start to seriously lag/skip. The cpu before starting to record, was at 20-35% usage. When starting to record, it goes to 100% (which is probably the reason, but why does it take so much cpu? See below my system specs). I initially thought an open browser with lot's of tabs (30) could be eating resources. I closed the browser completely, and got the same resault

    Cam Studio:
    - Video recorded ok, but than, a gap appears between the sound and the video. I.E., at the beginning the sound and the video are in sync, but a bit later a gap between them appears with one of them going faster than the other, and the gap grows as the recording procedes.

    I have a fairly modern system.
    - CPU: Intel Core 2Duo, P8700 2.53GHZ
    - RAM: 6 GB
    - OS: windows 7

    I am looking for very basic, very simple recording. Don't need superb quality and stuff. Just to send a movie of myself talking to the family

    Thanks for your help
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