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    This video clip was my first go at making a video clip. It was part of a University assignment a couple of years ago.

    Just under 2mb download. Encoded using Premiere Pro

    Any feedback would be greatfully received.


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    Ecellent for a first go. I particularly liked the enhanced sound of the batsman striking the ball! Well done.

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    I agree, would have liked to have heard more "thwacks" And perhaps more cutaways? But, hey, that's a personal preference. Good work!
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    Thans for the comments.

    What do you mean by "cutaways"?


    P.s. Do you know how to make a sound clip fade in then out in Premiere Pro. I'm just playing around with my cricket vid and I want to add an opening sequance i.e LEROY PRODUCTIONS PRESENT" etc etc...

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    Default thanq

    thanx for these video clips


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