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Thread: GTA V: Grand Theft Irony. Animated video parody! Hopefully I can make you laugh! X

  1. Default GTA V: Grand Theft Irony. Animated video parody! Hopefully I can make you laugh! X

    [FONT='Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Hi guys,

    I am a new animator! I created a short (40 second) animation that might make you smile . It took me ages (even though you might not believe that!).

    Go easy on me though, as this is like, my second ever animation (my other is also on the link). Please give me any advice to improve, as I'm eager! But go easy on me!!

    GTA V - Grand Theft Irony. World of Wormy. WoW Parody Video - YouTube

    Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy .

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    I liked it. Cute character.

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    Default Worm !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reminded me of South Park in terms of look a bit (complement)

    I Thought the worm was really good but not sure if the voice matched the character but that's just my personal opinion.

    Probably nit picking.

    Regardless great job have you any more?



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    Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm glad you liked it!

    I do the voice! But I might try to change it because you are right... It doesn't perfectly match the character!

    I have another video on the YouTube channel WorldOfWormy's Channel - YouTube. Just another parody. But I am working on a new resident evil short video for wormy!

    Any more advice is appreciated!

    Thanks guys! X

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    Watched other video I think you are on to something with this .........really like the worm character you have invented !!!!

    Good luck and keep posting future videos.


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    I'll post when I have added my next vid!! Or subscribe to the channel.

    Thanks for the feedback! All is appreciated!

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