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Thread: New Vimeo (and YouTube sucks)

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    Default New Vimeo (and YouTube sucks)

    I've always been a fan of Vimeo. For me, it's YouTube for grown ups (mainly because it's actually used by video makers). They're getting all excited about their new version of the site: Take the new Vimeo for a spin. Any thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    I've always been a fan of Vimeo. For me, it's YouTube for grown ups (mainly because it's actually used by video makers).
    You're not alone in that respect, Marc.

    However I've always found it slow and stuttery - certainly moreso than YouTube (I'm on Virgin's 30MBps service)

    Also with YouTube being the "standard" it's easier to describe where your video is, verbally to someone.
    What I mean by that is if I say to someone "Search YouTube for "Merry Xmas 2010" " there is only one pice of information for them to remember as their mind "default's" to YouTube.
    If I say "Search Vimeo" for the same they have to remember two pieces of information - andquite ossibly ahven't heard of Vimeo and might want me to spell it and ... let's face it, they're not going to bother.

    Maybe I'll try it again. I did sign up once!

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    I guess its slight obscurity is part of why I like it - it's a bit more of a club. I've never had an issue with stutters playback myself, but I know a few people that have - I put this down to them not having a powerful enough PC, but I assume you have a little powerhouse Tim?
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    I've always considered Vimeo the Apple of video sharing sites.

    It does what the other sites do, but a lot better - despite the fact that its new features are always months behind the competition, and not all of it comes free. It also still feels like a community of users, unlike sites like YouTube that just feel like everyone and everything, good or bad. If you visit Vimeo, you're sure to watch something that a lot of love and care has gone into.

    I'm just checking out the new look now, but as far as I can tell so far so good.
    Still, I think it's suffering a little from the same as Youtube's last interface update of 'cram-as-much-stuff-on-the-homepage-as-possible'.

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    I use vimeo to show clients work online passworded. They don't tend to panic as much when a roughcut is not on utube.
    For a lot of people utube = online for the whole world to see! even when protecting content.
    Vimeo either tends to feel more secure to people who know of it, or trust that it is secure if they don't know of it because they are reassured by the password facility.

    Releasing content to the public though for mass release - definitely utube

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    i have a couple of vimeo channels but stopped using them and vimeo a good while ago. i got pissed off with the ridiculous upload times, jerky play back (though i just visited and playback seems a lot smoother now) and 1 HD upload per week for non paying members. as my output isnt as prolific these days thats less oif an issue at the moment

    One advantage to using Vimeo is they are/ were less strict on music copyright.

    I'll stick with YouTube for now.... its just easier.

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    I heard that Vimeo was a better quality option than “You Tube” To test I up loaded the same video footage using both and embedded on a wordpress site next to each other to compare.

    I too like Tim use Virgin Media 30 mbps service)

    I was shocked as I must admit it was hard to tell the difference and if anything “You Tube” looked better and played smoother?????

    This is just my personal experience of course not saying “You Tube” is better than Vimeo (pro’s & cons) for both probably like with most things in life.

    However I agree for launching something to the masses "You Tube " I personally think is the better option.

    Anybody else use Virgin Media 30 MBPS ??? Geting upgraded soon to 60MBps buy Usian Bolt ....I mean Richard Branson

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