Want to spice up your movie? Want to stand out from the crowd? For a low price, you can enhance your footage with set
extensions or camera projections. Need a full digital environment shot? That's not a problem either.

I'm a freelance matte painter and I want to use this opportunity to present an attractive offer for independent filmmakers.

1. Full development: going from concept art to final matte, either done from scratch or based on a physical set/footage
2. Accuracy: where necessary, architectural elements and full digital environments modeled, textured and lit in 3D
3. Camera mapping: from simple 2D camera moves to multi-camera 2.5D and 3D projections
4. Working with greenscreen: 2D/3D camera tracking for inserting matte into live-action footage
5. Compositing: putting together the final matte with additional effects, like: color grading, motion blur, lens flares, 3D
animation, fire, smoke, rain, etc.

You can check sample matte paintings, projections and the latest demo reel, here: http://www.ak-art.net

You can also download the reel in hi-res together with a detailed breakdown, here: http://www.ak-art.net/matte_reel.zip