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Thread: new budget slider .....

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    Default new budget slider .....

    Just under 100. looks ok'ish......

    Mobislyder Test Clips - YouTube
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    While it is a very interesting video, I think it's the wrong link.

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    try tthat

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    It doesn't look smooth to me. May be I'm getting a jerky play back from YouTube.

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    Agreed. Not smooth at all. Not a good marketing video.
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    too good to be true. :(

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    It's "ok" if your on a budget and you want that.

    Sadly, It's a 75 item off you get what you pay for!

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    Strikes me it's OK as a slider, but not much how does it set-up, length of "slide" etc.
    The vid misses a trick in having static subject and OOF stones which partially block the view.....

    I think any jerkiness is due to the video frames

    Surely the point of tracking is to follow the story like you were there: i.e. walking along, watching it unfold.
    So, a pretty girl walking around the showroom would be far better, making the "slider" effect unnoticeable - that would be worth paying 75 for, but I haven't see any sales link.

    I did find this clip:Mobislyder with Panasonic GH2 - YouTube . . . it's quite short, about 12" travel and almost looks like it might be useful, but I don't think that's enough travel, er, FWIW. Anyone views?
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