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    Hi, Guys!

    I've know this forum for quite a bit, and several times I've found answers to my problems here.
    Ok, now I'm a registred member.

    If anyone is interested in a video editor for ocasional jobs, I'm your guy!
    I've been working in the video business for a few years, and I've done tons of work as a camera operator and video editor.

    If you are interested in my services as an editor, please don't hesitate contacting me.

    I am a Portugal-based freelancer, but nowadays the distance isn't a problem anymore.


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    Welcome to the forums,

    It would help tremendously if you could contribute to some of the threads with your level of experience here, You may not think you have something to share, But 9/10 people do!

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    If anyone's interested, here is a link to my youtube channel, with some of my work.

    Bpotter908, I think that knowledge is something that is supposed to be shared. Not kept in a safe. In Portugal we have a saying that goes something like this: "secrecy is the soul of business", but I think quality is.

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