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Thread: Burned DVD in vegas pro 10-Choppy playback on TV

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    Default Burned DVD in vegas pro 10-Choppy playback on TV

    Hi everyone,
    I just rendered an animation at 24fps at a resolution of 720x480 (16:9) and imported it into Vegas to burn in it on a DVD to be played back on a TV. The animation was originally 720x405 as it had to be widescreen but it was automatically adjusted by Vegas. The dvd after being burnt plays smooth if I play it on my PC's DVD drive just as I'd play any other movie. But when I play it on a TV using a Playstation 2 as a DVD player, the video is not smooth. Jerky or choppy - plays for 2 seconds, stops for half a second then plays again. Its like you drive your car, hit the brakes, drive again, hit the get the idea. The audio is fine though. I also tried playing other DVD movies (discs) on that playstation2 and they played back smoothly. Here are the video settings I have in Vegas followed by the properties of the .VOB file itself on the burnt DVD. The DVD was burned at a speed of 6x.

    Vegas project settings (Built-in default template):

    DVD writer settings in Vegas:

    VOB file properties in explorer:

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    Hi, I noticed that your profile said your video standard is PAL.

    You are using an NTSC template. Try changing this to a PAL one in Vegas then re-do what you are doing.
    Hope this helps

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    If you are in the PAL zone, could it be that your DVD player can only playback at 25fps.

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