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Thread: Should I switch to Premiere?

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    Default Should I switch to Premiere?

    I need some opinions about this issue I'm having. Right now I'm having a problem with a black preview screen with Quicktime files. This isn't the first time I've had a problem with Vegas (I have Sony Vegas 10) I have been using Vegas for several years now (Started with Vegas 7) and now I'm thinking of other programs...

    On YouTube I see a lot of people use Adobe Premiere, and I've heard some good things about it. What I want to know it worth switching from Vegas to Premiere? I know I am posting this on the Vegas forum, but I need some opinions from people that are using Vegas like I am.

    I really am a fan of Vegas because it is very user-friendly and powerful, but I'm beginning to lose hope when I have these problems I just can't seem to solve :(

    There is a description of my problem below, if you have had this problem before I would appreciate some help, too!

    I have been working on my project for several weeks now and it was only until a couple of days ago where both the trimmer and preview screen won't play the files that I am working with. When I open the .mov file in the trimmer screen, I can't see the video OR hear the audio.

    When I play my project, I can still hear the music it goes with, but I can't see the video. Sometimes for a split second or two I can see the video, but then it turns black. Vegas does not prompt me with any errors whatsoever. (I also did a system restore)

    How do I fix this problem? I updated Quicktime, and the files play on their own in Windows Explorer...

    What else should I do?

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    There is nothing to prevent from downloading a "free" trial of Premier to determine if it works on your system and fixes your issue.

    IMO, Moving from one editing platform to another because of this is not wise at all, What happens 6 months down the line when suddenly Premier cannot cope with it? Do you buy Avid in response?

    "I have been working on my project for several weeks now and it was only until a couple of days ago where both the trimmer and preview screen "
    Say's to me you need to fix your OS or editor.

    Can you upload your vegas project file onto here for me please, I'll take a look and see if I can see anything odd. ( Just the project file, Not the resources attached to it ) - share … anything

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    Have you got the latest build of Vegas and quicktime. If so then the problem could actually be with Windows.

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    I use premiere + after effects, very good sofwares!

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    I have Sony Vegas Pro 10 (64 bit) with the latest Quicktime, yes.

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    In that case it could be something to do with windows, there has been a lot of Windows up dates recently. The only other thing I can think to look at is the settings you have in the preferences on the preview device tab. Do they match you monitor correctly ? I remember playing around with these once and managed to make my preview go black. If you look at the help for this it will explain all the options.

    Hope this helps.

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    And this is the problem of starting two threads. The problem has been isolated to the project in your other thread.

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