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Thread: 1st Official music vid. from brandnew independent LDN based filming company V13 Films

  1. Default 1st Official music vid. from brandnew independent LDN based filming company V13 Films

    Please watch the first official music video from V13 films below :

    Skitzo (aka Anať ) - For You ft. Kevio [Official Music Video] - YouTube

    V13 Films is a new start up independent company that specialises in high quality music videos , promo videos , documentaries etc . We can also work with the client in order to meet any specific visual needs and budget ensuring we create a tailored package.

    For more information on our services please email

    Thank you.
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    I think to really like a music video I've got to like the music otherwise I just start looking for all the technical errors. I'm afraid I didn't like the song. The video isn't particularly bad, there wasn't very much that stood out as either very good or very bad. This may be it's down fall, it is just like thousands of videos of it's type. I liked that you tried to put in some sort of narrative but found it too confusing to follow. I'm not the target audience for this video which may be why I didn't get it. Try and ease off on the FXs and work on getting your shots to look better with good lighting etc.

    One thing I must say is please don't put your self forward as highly professional video company and then offer a gmail account for your contact. If you are a start up then say you are, it's better for you and any potential clients as often people are looking for start up video companies due to "budget restrictions".

    Good luck.

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    I like the video !

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    It seemed ok to me. I think the biggest downfall for me though was that I didn't get the story and for a video over 4minutes long the story has to be easy to digest and interesting with a touch of 'omg whats gonna happen!'. I know its a music video and that rules can be bent a little but theres clearly a story in there which is trying to come though. The photo confused me as it wasn't really clear what it was and that was the item that could have tied the whole thing together, instead it felt a little random.
    However there is great potential there, technically its not bad and a lot have thought has gone into it, just needs a touch more. Remember, story is key! Audiences often need it to be clear from the outset what the story is and then you can throw in all the twists and turns, even in music videos.

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