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Thread: DVD Bitrate and MP4

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    Default DVD Bitrate and MP4

    Hey, guys!

    I have a little bit of a question...

    I'm trying to encode an ISO, and I'm not sure what bitrate to encode in. The video file's (MP4) bitrate is 3500kbps. Should I encode the DVD at 3500kpbs or can I bump it up to 6? Does it effect my finished project at all?

    Thanks, my n-words,

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    When you make a DVD you should encode it as an mpeg2. The normal bitrate for a DVD is usually around 8-9000kpbs BUT it depends on the length of the video and available space on the DVD. You should only need to reduce the bitrate if the as the file size won't fit on the DVD.

    Hope this helps.

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