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Thread: Striving for better quality but how?

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    I've offered my help to a non-profit who is looking to capture footage from an event - in particular interview floating-head-and-shoulders style. They know I'm not a video expert and I have just a humble PowerShot S3 IS camera but I want to try and reach for the quality seen in videos like those found on the Vimeo HD channel.

    An example of the quality and the effect I would like to achieve can be found in these videos:

    September Campaign 2011 Trailer - YouTube

    The Canon 550D is mentioned a lot in the description for these videos and I'm well aware that its not just the camera that gets you the quality. Lighting and post-production are as important of course. But if we're just talking about the equipment, what are the recommendations? I'm clueless about lenses - will the one that comes with a 550D (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS) be appropriate for achieving the quality seen in the first link or should I just buy the body and get the lens separately?

    I've mentioned the 550D because that's what a lot of people are using for the videos that I've seen which I like. If you tell me it's all about post-production and I can get a 200-300 camera instead then I'm more than happy to hear the suggestions. Bear in mind that I'm not going to be shooting lots of video all the time and I'm not looking to go pro. I just want to do something better than the quality of video that I know how to shoot - which is basically just using a point-and-shoot to create home-made-style videos.

    Also want to add that I have a Mac and I've only ever used iMovie but more for making cuts rather than doing any proper post production colour manipulation/effects. Presumably I need something like Final Cut or Adobe Premier to achieve some of the effects that are seen in these videos which I'm happy to invest in and learn/experiment with. Unless there's a video editor out there that does to video what Instagram can do to photos?

    To put it really bluntly, what do I need to achieve the video quality shown on the left? Whereas the video on the right is along the lines of what I would normally be able to shoot.

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