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Thread: Bars in bottom of screen that say who somebody is, how do I make them properly?

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    Question Bars in bottom of screen that say who somebody is, how do I make them properly?

    Those bars in the bottom of a screen like such:

    Do I have to make it in Photoshop and animate the psd in after effects?
    Is the text editable in After Effects?

    Yeah, I'm totally new to After Effects and Premiere.

    Thanks in advance.

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    They are called lower thirds. I use Sony Vegas so can't tell you haw to make them with Adobe stuff but if you go on Youtube there will be loads of tutorials.

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    You can easily do it, by clicking in the "new item" button, in the project panel. You then select "title" and then you have various tools to create this. You'll find different types of shapes, and you can add some effects, like gradients and sheens. After this is created, you can add movement to it, so that it may appear on the screen from the left, for example.

    If you search in youtube for how to create lower thirds with adobe premiere I'm sure you'll find something useful.

    You can also create it in photoshop and import it to premiere or alternatively you can create it in after effects. But for most jobs, premiere will do the trick.

    Hope it helped!

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