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Thread: Time Lapse with x fps

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    Default Time Lapse with x fps

    Hi there, I want to have a time lapse video in Vegas. At this time I have all the still images ordered. My problem is that most software have a minimum fps value, like 12 or 15. However, I need something like 6 fps. What's the best way to that? I think I could import each JPG to the timeline, but the clip (JPG) default length would have to be defined somewhere. Is this possible to do or is there a better way? Thanks in advance

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    Options | Preferences
    Editing tab
    New Still Image Length (seconds)

    Enter the length you require for the default length of imported still images.

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    Follow what Tim has said and set the New still image length to 0.25 seconds. This will give a frame rate of 6fps for each image (I think).

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    So Simple! Thanks! y'all

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