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    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to check this post. As the name suggests, I am having some trouble with Studio HD Platinum 10. It will often give me this message when I try rendering my work, along the lines of, "Your computer is too low on memory. Try closing other programs," though I am pretty sure I have figured out that this is due to it not agreeing with my project or render settings. Soooo, I need help with my settings.

    1) I need these settings to render in the highest quality I can. Full 1080p, and absolutely beautiful. I make machinimas and gaming videos, and in a very short while, a number of other types of videos, so, like I said, I need the highest quality I can get.

    2) I don't really care about the SIZE of the file. My computer has plenty of space. I DO, however, care about render-time. I REALLY need a short(er) render time, because I need to churn these videos out as fast as possible.

    3) I need the format and settings to agree with my computer, (Sony Vaio F Series,) and my region, (North America,) and all that. Also, these videos will mostly be uploaded to YouTube, though I will eventually most likely have my videos embedded personally, blah, blah, blah...

    So, re-cap, I need Project Settings, AND Render Settings for Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 for full 1080p videos, good, reliable file types, and fast render time. I will live with an annoyingly long render time, only if I HAVE to.

    (P.s. I am currently using WMV, and it's quality is amazing! SOOO beautiful, but the render time is unbearable, and it keeps giving me the low memory message. Seriously, 15 minutes for 10% of a 10 minute video to render, if it even decides to successfully render? I think not...)

    Thanks so much in advance guys.

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    Render time is affected as much by what you're trying to render as what you're trying to render to. The ideal is to keep the same format throughout (ie use WMVs as source, WMVs as project settings and WMVs as your output - all of the same size!)

    Of course this isn't always possible and the more conversion required, the longer the render time.

    If you just have straight cuts and nothing else going on it will be quick. However every time you add a transition or an effect (inc colour correction or anything that changes the footage) or lower opacity or basically do anything, this is going to add to the render time.

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