I'm quite stuck. I am filming with new camcorder the Canon A1S, my source footage is 1440 x 1080 HD. In premiere, when I export as quicktime .MOV I cannot proportionately change the width and height to match 1440 x 1080, if I manually enter that in the h/w I get black spaces to the left and right of the quicktime player when the file is exported.

I was taught that quicktime is THE METHOD to use when burning DVDS, that this is the highest quality, however I see other people use MPEG-2 and MPEG-2 Blu Ray, however I am getting thin lines through all of my MPEG exports (SEE BELOW IMAGE URL - look at the face area, forehead) and thus cannot use for high-quality DVDS.

What export settings are you using for dvd authoring, does anyone have the 'lines' in mpegs as I am having ... open to advice, thanks !


Thank you,