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Thread: Would like some feedback on windsurfing video

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    Default Would like some feedback on windsurfing video

    I recently entered this video for a windsurfing video editing competition and it's not gone down as well as I had hoped. It was my first serious go at editing. I used After Effects and Vagas, I think maybe I went a bit OTT with effects. Anyway any feedback would be great. Thanks

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    I didn't like all the logos at the beginning I don't know if you have to have them in. I thought the multiple images in the text was good. The nice opening shot just after you freeze it has a sudden change in brightness, I've had this as an issue when taking a snapshot of the timeline in Vegas it's often to do with not having the preview of "best full".

    I liked the split screen idea to introduce the three people but I would have had all the images moving at first and then freeze each one as you put up their name also the text should be small enough to fit in each section, the overlapping looked messy. The multiple image masking effect just after that didn't work for me. This sort of effect is normally used with a slow mo of a jump rather than the way you used it. Also the masking around the board isn't very tight. Then you use the same effect on the next long shot. While I appreciate the editing skill involved with the effect doing it twice in a row is over kill and just adds as a distraction from the skill of the surfer. Then you go and use it again at around 1:32, the video would be better if you had not done the earlier ones and just had this one example of the effect.

    The tiles at the end was a nice idea but putting the black logo under it made you loose clarity on the lower line of text. ie black on black.

    These are just my personal opinion so accept them or not.

    Now, the real problem with the video is the content is a bit dull, I suspect this is why you felt the need to put all those effects in it. Most of the images are nice but nearly all are shot from the same distance. It would have been nice if we could have had some close ups etc.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue for taking the time to take a look. I think you make some really good points. I will try and mix things up a bit more with perspective and distance in the next film I make. Looking back on it I think you are spot on with the over use of the effect. Thanks again

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    I think Midnight is correct on all counts. This appears to have been made for an editing competition so I can see why you put all that stuff in. I suspect what I would consider a well edited film (where the edits are so good you don't notice them) wouldn't exactly wow the judges. However with this, it does rather seem that you've tried to throw everything at it at a cost of losing the content.

    The first rule of putting together a montage like this must surely be to get a good variety of shots.

    BTW I'm not saying it's bad - far from it - but I'm afraid it's not an editing competition winner, at least not from me.

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    Looking at it now I can totaly see what you are both saying. I think I just got a bit carried away and put in too many effects and lost the overall ambience. Thank you for your feedback as it's a great way for me to improve on my next attempt at video making.

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    Good man, take it on the chin and move forward. Remember content is king.

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