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Thread: Best VHS VCR for under $200

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    Default Best VHS VCR for under $200

    I've been doing my own research but I thought I would fish for some extra input as you guys seem pretty knowledgeable.

    I am looking for a S-VHS VCR w/ S-video in/out. I don't need ANY bells or whistles. hell, I don't even need a remote.

    just something to play/record VHS. I will capture the footage using my canopus ADVC 110.

    I don't mind buying used stuff and I am especially fond of older analog stuff. (I don't know if that excludes s-video or not).

    what would YOU suggest?

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    under 200 dollars? they quit making VCRs in the Us... just go buy a cheap one, im almost positive all of them have Svideo in/out whatever
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