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Thread: Timelapse error!

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    Default Timelapse error!

    Hi,sorry for my bad english isnot my lenguage, yesterday i did my first timelapse with the cam GOPRO 1 shoot every 2 second in total almots 4000 photos, i read in google that if i want to do a timelapse when i export the photos i put numbered sequence and its create a clip i did but the video not advande after the picture 999 , when the gopro reach 999 pictures it creates another folder for another 999 pictures, i deleted de picture 999 and the picture 1 from the other folder and didnt work help please!

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    Why not import them into various image sequences of 999 photos and then organize them in the sequence?
    I am not aware of this 999 images limit of the "image sequence", but this workaround should solve the problem.

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