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Thread: Gopro HD - Afternoon Ride

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    Wink Gopro HD - Afternoon Ride

    Hi this is my first video i want to know your opinions please and what a i can improve sorry for my bad english its not my language, comment !

    Watch it with SOUND!

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    I think you need to look at the editing again on this there are points where you have a shot and nothing is happening for ages example around 1:00min we are waiting for an age before you appear. Also where are the onboard shots, just one near the beginning. I think these should have been interspersed throughout the video with the other shots. What could and should be a vibrant exiting video seemed dull purely because of the way you put it together.

    I'm not saying it is all bad but it could be 10 times better.

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    Lots of interesting bits, not bad - but agree with above. There's a few shots where you're waiting for something to happen and it's enough time for the arrow to get to the 'x' button... Crop everything just to the interesting bits.
    Try some shots where the camera is position on the terrain and as you hurl by you strike something to compress the suspension, use slo-mo so we can see the action. Or position the camera on the quad so we can see how hard the suspension is working.
    I have the same issue with my MTB videos as this. The rider or suspension is having to work surprisingly hard, what is even harder is portraying that to an audience because it will either a) look piss-easy or b) be unwatchable due to camera shake.

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    thanx i will try to do it how you say in my next video

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    oneloosecrabnk you are right recording while you are in the atv shake all the image

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    But, if you strap the camera tight to the ATV and focus on something of interest, you can use it to your advantage. Strap it down so it doesn't move and focus on the suspension or front wheels, or focus on the wing of the ATV with the background being the trail. The trail will bounce, but it works great if one thing is stable as a reference. Shake only looks bad if there is no reference of stability somewhere.

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    thanx i will try it

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    The audience will soon become bored with shots that are taken with a camera on a locked-off tripod. If you are doing the filming and are also riding the quad, try riding the same piece of track twice. Set the camera up to film your approach and then the other shot as you ride past and into the distance. The dust you throw up is marvelous! You can use it to obscure the edit point by using a fast dissolve across the swirling dust and both shots when seen together will have a similar appearance to a skillful panned shot. Use the best audio from only one of the shots, so avoiding an audio change across the edit point. An uninterrupted audio track adds conviction to the continuity of video footage. Remember that a low viewpoint emphasises the action by making it appear larger on the screen. Riding your quad really close to a low camera will make the action look bigger, so called "major action". The next time you see a car chase in a movie look out for long shots which create "minor action" - chances are you will be able to count them all on 2 fingers!

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    jojo you are really a pro! the next video i will show wheelie and jumps and im going to use your advice! thanx really helpful

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