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Thread: Bobbi Lane Interview on Lighting for Video!

  1. Post Bobbi Lane Interview on Lighting for Video!

    I had the opportunity to sit down with award-winning photographer and wonderful educator, Bobbi Lane, to discuss lighting techniques for video and how to stay current as a professional photographer.

    Check out the video below and click the link below the video for more info on Bobbi's upcoming workshops and other tips for photographers :

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    Conversations with Friends Episode 002.
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    I'm sorry this just has so many things wrong with it. The sound is so echoey even my 8 year old daughter pointed it out. The lighting is all over the place which makes the man underexposed and a dark background but the background light on the shot of the woman. This is confusing as it looks like you are in different rooms.

    The framing is okish except is the woman is looking to the left of the screen so should have a bit more space on that side ie move the person to the right a little.

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    You are spot on with this. It turns out out of 10 things that could go wrong, 15 did. I am just starting out and venturing into this field. The h4n was not recording the whole time so we had to use the reference audio. We had two hotlights, both of which need larger white umbrellas, instead of silver. On top of it, the lighting sucks =/ I learned a lot after this shoot but I will make corrections as I continue on. Thanks for the critique.

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    Well, it's good that you learned a lot. Tell me, did you forget to press the record button twice on the H4n? I've done that before.

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    It was set to one of the input keys instead of on REC. it was on 1. =/ Really lame.

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    Unfortunately, The irony is your interviewing a "award-winning photographer and wonderful educator, Bobbi Lane, to discuss lighting techniques for video" when this video does not exercise "good lighting"

    I once attended a training day for live sound engineers, The guy up front said "It is very important you test your mics before the event, Ring them out to prevent feedback ect"
    What happened on the day?

    - Not a single item had been tested, AV/Audio
    - Microphones were constantly feeding back

    This guy owns a live events company in the UK, But did I want to do business with him after that? Nope.

    The danger with this video, You are saying that "This is a quality video, please watch it" but due to the unfortunate mistakes it may turn future interview candidates away from letting you film them. You've learnt valuable lessons with this video and that is good! But be especially careful when the video features the "celebrity name" of others, If they see you do even the slightest thing to harm it, They may not want to work with you at all!

    I made an epic screw up on a similar project once, The blow-up was spectacular but took quite some time to pick up the pieces afterwards, do be careful!

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    I am just learning here and you have done a much better job than I would of done!

    great points made by other more experinced members (constantly taking notes here)

    All the best with future projects.

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