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Thread: Problem with channels - Sony Z1/FinalCutPro

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    Default Problem with channels - Sony Z1/FinalCutPro

    Hello, could anyone help me with a sound recording problem which I have had using a Sony Z1. (I am relatively new to filmmaking)

    While shooting a film for a charity in Kenya, I inadvertently set the sound to record (at first) on one channel only, with the result that when playing back you only hear the sound through one speaker (this is particularly obvious if you're watching the video on ear-phones - no sound at all through the left-hand ear-phone). Fortunately I realised the problem and changed the settings before too much filming had been done, but I still have quite a bit of video with this problem.

    Does anyone know if there is any solution to this using FInalCutPro? Is it possible to split the one channel into two?

    Sorry if this sounds v ignorant..and thanks in advance!

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    Hold the ALT key and select the offending piece of audio.
    Go to modify, Then de-select the audio from being a stereo pair. ( Not in front of Final Cut, So cannot give exact names )
    Then go to modify, Then audio then "Pan centre" and your single channel of audio is now on both channels, There will be a slight reduction in volume but better then having no audio at all!

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    That's brilliant, it works. Thank you so much, you have rescued my film!

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