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Thread: Photo session (making-off)

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    Smile Photo session (making-off)

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here and I want to know what do you think about one of my recent videos I made.

    I'm working as a video producer for about one year in various event companies, but I was making non-professional videos for a long time.
    Your opinion will make me better professional, so don't be softy.

    Here's the video:

    You can view the rest of my videos at my Youtube channel (Arte22Imagen's Channel - YouTube), but those were filmed with an old '95 camera that I bought as a second-hand purchase, the image quality in those videos are horrible.

    Thank you for your opinions.

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    I can't really see anything wrong with this. It is what it is but what is it's purpose ?

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    To be artistic I suposse.
    When I was recording it, I was thinking in giving the video a 'dark feel' at postproduction because I didn't want to be so classy in comparison with other fashion videos.

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    I'd think about fades between the clips rather than just clean cuts every time. And grab a broom to support your camera; whilst some of the hand held shots done during close up work, the hand shake is distracting on mid shots.
    Oh, and red heads please
    I really like the way it opens and closes - the darks and lights are really brilliant. Great framing.

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