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Thread: IGN Presents: Things Gamers Say

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    Default IGN Presents: Things Gamers Say

    Hey guys! I got the chance to make a video at the IGN office based on the popular meme, and I would love to hear what you think about it, specifically the lighting and camera work! Thanks!

    IGN Presents: Sh*t Gamers Say - YouTube

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    Ok, you've had over 50,000 views, nearly 2,500 likes, 250 dislikes all in one day. What can anyone say. It's proficient for it's purpose.
    Now tell me how to market as good as this.

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    Default how?

    I had 3 likes and 80 views in 3 days for movie I've been working on for 3 months!!! How do you get so many views?

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    Because IGN is one of the largest gaming networks on the planet...When your a big fish, People sit up and listen to what you are saying

    On a critical note, Frame rates seem very different in many sections of the video, In a way that feels "jerky"

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    Use some repetition to show how irritating something can be too, aka:
    Sh!t mountain bikers say

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