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Thread: Alton Towers

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    Default Alton Towers

    Hi, this is my first post here.

    I am a Roller Coaster Enthusiast and I'm a member of an Enthusiasts website, (yes the title is cheesy, but works)
    We have a lot of park visits, with people coming across the country to meet other members. (CF-Live we call them)
    I usually make videos at the events I attend.

    This is my most recent and probably my best so far. Alton Towers, on the opening day of the new coaster "Rita: Queen of Speed"

    Taken with the Sony DCR HC18, and also using a Raynox 0.3x semi fisheye clip on lens (superglued onto an adaptor ring, damn 25mm!) mainly for the on ride video, but for a few of the other shots too.

    Please check it out!

    18.4MB (sorry) and just under 5 minutes long.

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    Loved it. Fabalicious!
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    It took quite a while to download, at a much lower rate than I usually get - is there a reason within your website for that, if not maybe it was just one of those things.

    Worth the wait though. Very well put together, and definitely the way I'd rather experience roller coasters

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    Part of me thinks it's a bit too long, but saying that, I didn't really get bored at any point, so maybe I'm wrong!

    I've not actually been on "Rita" yet (regardless of what it means, what a stupid, stupid name for a ride )

    Anyway, the video... you must have practised your camera control, because considering the rate those things pelt around the tracks, you had a steady hand!

    THere are some good well-framed shots in there, and you didn't dwell too long on one particular scene. Like it!

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    Had to watch it in two bits - got vertigo half way through. And the handgrips on my Zimmer frame are now worn out.

    Nicely done. Not sure I'd have chosen that particular music. Maybe something a bit more frantic would suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tone33
    Not sure I'd have chosen that particular music. Maybe something a bit more frantic would suit.
    Funny that. I thought the music was perfect when I watched it first time... gonna have to watch it again now!
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    Nope, original feeling of the music stands

    One thing it would have benefited from was a tripod for those static shots to avoid the need for the fade transitions.
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    I got the feeling it might be ground vibration that caused the slight jump in framing. Even a millimetre or so would cause a noticeable shift.

    Well, Martyn: assuming you purposely waited for the cars to whizz past, did you reposition?

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    The thing is, I didn't go to the park to make a video, I went to the park to enjoy myself and ride the rides. If I started using a tripod, it would just take so much longer, and plus, holding up a group of 30 or so probably wouldn't go down too well. I tried using the various fences and stuff but it just wasn't working.

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    true, I pictured you holding a tripod underneath your arm on the ride after I posted! Could dip to black instead...
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