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Thread: New Music Video_ After Effects_C4D (tutorials if requested)

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    Default New Music Video_ After Effects_C4D (tutorials if requested)

    Hi all,

    Recently directed a music video for the band Hoodless. We shot it with a Sony F3.

    After Effects/C4D/Boujou/Apple Color were used for the effects/colorgrade.

    Here's the video_

    Rock Music Video: Hoodless - Waiting - YouTube

    Let me know what you think.

    If anyone wants to know how we achieved any of the effects, I'll try to post a step by step if requested.

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    Absolutely has everything I want to see in a music video, a storyline with a twist, great casting and characters, just enough of the band to give the mystique of their flavour.

    Ultimately all this kept me watching despite the fact I wouldn't normaly sit through this type of music.

    This is a perfect example for any music video writer to aspire to.

    The film making seemed fine to me, but I'll let the experts comment on that one

    Well done - 5 stars

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    Thank you, Stripe. I really appreciate you taking the time to watch.

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    No worries Jim, maybe you could let us know the budget for this clip? It's always good to benchmark cost when a film actualy acheives its' aim.

    Were the band happy with it, did you get any other feedback?

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    Very creative ! and well blended with music video.

    love the false pec idea !

    Have no experience of that camera but your uploaded you tube quality is really good what compression and editing software did you use?


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    Thanks, Slimbob. I appreciate the kind words. I used Final Cut Pro 7 for the editing, and Apple Compressor.

    Stripe_The band members seemed very happy with the video, it has received some favorable reviews and the feedback has been mostly positive.

    They're good guys, so I hope the video helps them get additional exposure.


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    Yes sure the guys appreciated it and your video will do the job well.

    Cheers and good luck for future video /projects.

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    I enjoyed every part of it. Nicely done

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    Thank You, Render33. I appreciate the feedback.


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    Awesome job. Hope to see more from you in the future

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