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Thread: Any PC Deals around at the moment ?

  1. Default Any PC Deals around at the moment ?

    Looking for a new PC for the editing, just wondered if anyone has seen any good deals around at the moment ?

    Want one running windows, not a Mac, and obviously up to the job editing, all the editing is in SD, just occasionally a few bits of HD when i have to use that

    If theres no deals as such, where do people recomend for good service etc ?


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    The best deal is to build it yourself...Assemble the components ect.

    If you don't want to do that, I suggest:
    3XS - 3XS Z68 i7 2700K Slipstream Extreme NLE System - Updated Jan 2012
    3XS - 3XS Performance GTK - Sandy Bridge,2500k,GTX460,4GB RAM,NVIDIA,

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