I was wondering if anyone knows any compatibility problems with Premiere Pro 1.5 or 1.5.1 and AMD 64's.

I've already upgraded to 1.5.1, updated the Adobe Media Encoder to 1.1 and downloaded the Service Pack 2 patch that was recommended on the Adobe website, but for some reason, even though I've done all the things I can find, and both the S-ATA and the IDE drives in the computer are NTFS if I try to export anything that would work out at over 4Gb for the m2v file, Premiere quite happily restarts the computer and the few hours worth of compression are wasted.

Typically, after it had done this a couple of times I tried it with a few smaller files, just copying one part of the sequence and pasting it into a new one and exporting it, and they were all fine, then I managed to get it to work on a proper render, but decided I could probably squeeze out a bit more quality as the file sizes for both audio and video were about 3.8Gb so I could afford at least another 400mb, but when I exported again, poof, off went the computer once it was complete.

Is there something I'm missing? Have I just stupidly overlooked something, or could there be issues?

Thanks in advance