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Thread: Panasonic SD9 - shutter problem

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    Default Panasonic SD9 - shutter problem

    Long time reader first time poster.

    I recently discovered a problem with my SD9's exposure system in that it would fail to automatically adjust to bright light thereby resulting in washed out daylight footages. Taking the battery out and resetting the camcorder did not solve the problem and it is a royal pain in the backside having to manually adjust the shutter speed every time I am outdoors.

    Has anyone encountered this problem in the past? The cost of taking it back to Panasonic for an 'examination' costs almost a third of a brand new unit so I am very reluctant to do so. Many thanks.


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    My first thoughts are that you put it in manual mode but if you rest the camera and it's definitely set to auto iris, then it looks like you will have to get use to adjusting it manually or if you don't want to do this get a new camera.

    Sorry I haven't got any better news for you. Look on the bright side, you will get better images with manual settings once you get use to it.

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