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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 rendering problem/pc problem

  1. Default Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 rendering problem/pc problem


    First off, specs pc and laptop:


    i7 860
    4GB of DDR3 RAM, dual channel.
    GPU rendering is turned off but: Radeon HD 5850


    Intel Pentium T4500
    3GB DDR2 RAM
    GPU rendering also turned off: ATI mobility radeon HD 4330

    The project/render settings do not matter in this case, it concerns several different projects and for testing the exact same project and render settings were used on both laptop and pc.

    Now for the problem: I've been trying to render several (small, 1-2 minute, not alot of videofx) projects on my pc and not one has completed succesfully. I can best describe what happens by displaying the test results. I took the exact same project (1440x1080, 25 fps, 1.10 minute, EXACT same render settings) on my PC and laptop and started rendering it at the same time.

    - The laptop was done in 20 minutes, RAM usage for laptop stayed around 2.1-2.3GB used, CPU usage started at 100% and stayed 98-99-100%.
    - By the time the laptop was done the pc was only at 30%, RAM usage started around 2.5 and slowly worked it's way up to full 3.9GB, CPU usage varied from 10%-30%, sometimes peaking at 90% in 1 or 2 of the cores. By the time the pc got to full ram usage it became unuseable and the rendering had (gradually) slowed down to about 1%/hour (understandibly I cancelled the render).

    Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Any ideas/suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

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    The same Vegas Preferences (e.g. Video) settings also?

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    Yes both versions (PC and Laptop) have the exact same settings, default install settings with GPU rendering turned off. I saved the project and copied it to the laptop so the project settings are the same and I made sure the rendering settings were 100% the same as well.

    Edit: I'm starting to think it's either a PC hardware malfunction or perhaps a clean install of windows(7 ultimate) would help but before I go down that road I'd like to explore some other options.

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    There might be a problem fix for me in there somewhere, I'll look through and try what's mentioned and get back with the answer - thank you for this!

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    Quickly tried messing around with the Dynamic RAM preview settings as the replies say in the thread, this doesn't really have any effect on the small test renders I've done, the intitial estimated render time still exceeds that what the laptop did by double (same as it was before, untill it grinds to a halt). Also tried build 510, to no effect either.

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