Hi all, I have a peculiar requirement - I need to view 4 videos on the same PC (e.g. I can open them with 4 VLC player instances) - but what VLC can't do is this:

1) I need to be able to jump 5 seconds and then freeze the frame, and do this on all of them.
2) Hopefully synchronized, i.e. all of them jump at the same time, but not critical.
3) ALso hopefully automatic, but not necessary- I will be happy to press a key to advance to the next 5 seconds on each player or clip view

I tried doing this with Virtualdub but it only allows jumping forward 50 frames at a time. Does anyone know how to change it so it jumps 5 seconds, not 50 frames? i.e. to 120 frames if it displays the movie at 24fps, is that true?

I need this to be pretty accurate (+-0.1 second).

Many thanks