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Thread: 360 royalty-free soundtracks version 11

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    I have just purchased Version 11 Platinum in Australia and on the box it states "Enhance projects with the included 360 royalty-free soundtracks". I cannot find where these soundtracks are located

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    From SCS Knowledgebase:

    Where do I find the Soundtracks that are a part of my Vegas Movie Studio HD purchase?
    Published 08/27/2010 11:54 AM | Updated 12/28/2010 04:43 PM
    If you purchased a Packaged Version of the software, please try the following:

    1.Put the Application DVD into the DVD-ROM drive.

    2.On the splash screen, click "Browse Disc".

    3.Now Select Content folder.

    You can copy the Content Folder to your local hard drive and then open the audio files within Vegas, either by using the explorer window or Project - Import media.

    If you ordered a Download copy of the software, you can download the sound tracks as a .zip file from your receipt email.

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    I had a similar problem with Vegas Studio (an earlier version) as the music tracks were well hidden.

    Just in case anyone is reading, I'd be inclined to ignore the loss . . . the majority are recordings of pop groups in differnt lengths, so you can select 15sec 30 sec or 60sec - - - and some are even longer. Yet they are basically the same tune.

    There are a couple of sections that cater for weddings, again with different lengths...these are really the only group that could be classed as Traditional.
    To my mind there aren't more than a handful of useful and unique tracks. The majority are beaten out by pop groups which to my mind are rarely useful music for videos, since they shout for attentions rather than enhance the visual story. I can shorten a 1-min audio track to fit the scene - I don't need it split into fixed lengths just to provide a large "headline Number".

    Sony is a worldwide music business . . . surely they can find some better stuff, perhaps sample tracks from a larger "music collection" which overcomes the Copyright problems usually encountered.
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  4. Default 360 royalty free soundtracks version 11

    Thank you soundtracks found. Agree not much use.

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