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Thread: New Transition, Titles, effects etc

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    Hi everyone. I have been usuing Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 for a while now and was wondering if any of you can suggest some easy to use software for additional transitions, titles, effects etc. My editing PC is of very high standard so grunt is not an issue.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I like the transitions on Videostudio X4 (PC) because of the wide range of selections. I also like Final Cut Pro X (Mac) but i don't think it's as extensive as the VSX4

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    Thanks I will check it out

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    Check out Boris FX

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    Vegas Movie Studio is not supported by Boris FX?

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    That's a shame. I know they only say Vegas Pro on their website but I'd be interested to know if Vegas Studio can also use them.

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    New Blue do a lot of effects and works in both yours and pro versions

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