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    This is the first fight scene that I have done, and also one of the first videos that I have made which actually has somewhat of a plot and a story to follow

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    Nice work matey, put a smile on my face!......i like the bit where the guy throws the hatchet, very cool. You could improve your continuity in sound and the levels in general. For instance, when you come down the steps at the start, you can hear a car approaching, then it cuts to another angle, then car sound vanishes, then another is heard (if that make sense)....doesnt quite flow right, try listening to the soundtrack without looking at the video..

    Good work though!

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    Thanks! I understand what you mean, some of the audio needs some work and that is my next area of focus for upcoming videos.

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    Ok, I like the idea and the use of weapons. I have a few comments to say:

    Color Correction: It's a little bit too dark. I would suggest not crushing the blacks so much so that it doesn't overwhelm the film.

    Speed Ramp: As cool as the slow motion is, I think it's a bit drawn out and I find myself waiting for the next move. However, I do like the quick transition to the next move.

    Camera Shake: The camera is just a bit unstable and it distracts me from what's actually happen on the screen. Try using a steadycam or put it on a tripod and carry while you are filming.

    Zoom: There is a part about 1:30 into the film where there is a zoom to the pursuers. I would speed that up a lot to give a heighten sense of danger and urgency. Then, maybe get a reaction shot or a close up shot of them griping their weapons.

    Camera Angles: I think you should experiment more with camera angles to put the viewer in the fight and not so much as a spectator. I find it to be more thrilling in this matter.

    Special FX Compositing: I would try to match the those blood shots a little more with color tone of the scene. Although it may be much, it something you can always work on in the future.

    Audio: I think the audio is off but I think some it has to do with the encoding. I saw that you posted previously about it so I am not going to push the subject further.

    Overall, it's more than what I did at your age and I commend you on your work. If you keep going on like this, you will do well in this sort of work.

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    Thanks! Now that you've mentioned some of that I do notice it more and will try to fix it in the future.

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