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    Greetings folks..

    Here is my first attempt with the HV30 i just got.....constructive feedback welcome!.....telling me its fantastic, always welcome!

    Vocal & Video by Me!.....
    Music sampled and composed using Cubase 5 & Sony Soundforge 9. Vocals recorded with a Studio Electronics SE2000. Recorded & Mixed in my living room!...Video shot solo on a tripod using a Canon HV30 (first time!) on a freezing yet sunny January afternoon near Sawley Marina, Notts. Handheld affect and colour grading using NewBlue FX & Magic Bullet edited in Sony Vegas

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    It's fantastic. Well it's ok, I'm not sure I like it that much, it's rubbish.

    Now the real review. I thought your voice really suited the Al Green song and the mood of the video matched the mood of the song. I thought you did really well for your first time with the camera. One thing I really didn't like was the hand held look you gave it. Perhaps if it was used more sparingly it would be ok in places. I thought most of the framing was good especially considering you was self shooting. There is one shot were I thought you looked uncomfortable, the one where you are wedged in a corner eg 0:24 secs. If you compare that with the nice shot at 0:28 secs were you look very comfortable and relaxed. The colour work was ok just a bit strong for my personal taste.

    On the whole I enjoyed watching it which is the main thing.

    Well done.

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    thanks Midnight, im still a bit concious in front of the camera!....especially when its just me and people keep wondering by!........also agreed, i have a tendency to go overkill on effects and colouring

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