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    hello all, I'm very interested in video editing,film,photography, and have spent years using crap computers, camera's and such trying to accomplish something. i'm now going into do digital media at uni, and want some advice.

    I want to especially get into stop motion annimation and film making.

    What camera cannon or nikon prefered should i buy..

    really like the idea of "dragonframe" software for stop motion work.. anyon heard of this??? its basicly software to control your camera and lights

    if i was to buy the software it would work with my cannon or nikon and i would then wantto get the dmx lighting system so i can control the lighting as what is dmx..and what kinda lights and were do i get them to plug into there box...Motion control and hardware integrations for stop motion software | Dragonframe

    I kno this probs sounds all very weird..but i have a strange way of approtching things, and only really ever done video editing as i've never had equipment to go and make my own films.

    So just looking for som friendly advice from someone who knows lol

    Many Thanks


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    Give this a read regarding Canon v Nikon.

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    Thanks for replying, i kinda thought that anyway, and don't want to sit in the armchair discussing whats better and such. i could google image search pictures, but like stated i'm just a begginner/intermidiate who wants to step up to the interest he has..and kinda just want someone to say this is good..for the reasons you listed. i understand what you mean tho, its like a laptop they can all have 4g ram and stuff but its performance that gives you what you i'm after someones knowledge a happy helper shopper! lol

    and any thoughts on the other things i mentioned Midnight???

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    Well DMX is either a rapper or a lighting system I'll take it you mean the lights, unfortunately I have no experience with either but found this article which you might find interesting. I also don't have any experience with stop motion photography so I'm not really much use to you. I'm not sure you need to go so over the top at this stage. Simply having a good steady light source should be enough until your ready to rival Wallis & Gromit. I would start by looking for a basic 3 point lighting kit with softboxes BUT I've never done stop motion so what do I know.

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    Thanks, an yeahh i have been looking at nice lighting kits like you describe.. just i've come into some money and figure i might as well invest it into the better so i have it to figure out and work rather than later needing something better. have a look at this.. i like this kinda stop motion/light photography pretty much the best intergration i've seen in a long while. i think its time Wallis & Gromit came back but went to a disco like this! lol

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    Wow, that certainly takes light painting to a new level.

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