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Thread: Audio but no video on Blu ray

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    I am new to blu ray but not video editing.
    I have just bought a Samsung Blu ray writer and Toast 11 to add to my Macbook pro.
    I have produced BD-SE and BD-R discs and both have the same results on my Panasonic Bluray player - I can hear the audio track but the TV screen is black. Interestingly if I press the fast forward button on the remote I can see the video for a split second.
    The discs play fine on a friends Sony playstation but not on my sons Blu ray player (also panasonic).
    The maunual for the Panasonic states that the media I am using should play. I have updated the firmawre.
    Any suggestions?

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    Is there a setting on the DVD player to set the resolution manually. All though this would be unusual I have an LG player where I have to do this. I think it's some sort of incompatibility between the player and my TV.

    Just a thought.

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    Yes - and it is set to auto. Is it worth playing around with the manual settings?

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    Like I said it would be unusual for this to be the problem but I don't see how it cam hurt.

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    Tried all settings but it has made no difference.

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