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Thread: My 1st HD Camcorder

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    Default My 1st HD Camcorder

    Hi, I've just signed up to this forum and don't really know where to post this (apologies in advance). I'm looking to purchase my 1st HD camcorder. I'm into photography but unfortunately my DSLR can only record about 8 minutes of footage - which is useless! So I thought I'd get myself a HD Camcorder.
    I must say though, I do feel up against it as there are so many brands, all with different sensors and unique features... I just want to get started! I have been comparing a few and quite like the look of the Panasonic SD90, the reviews I've read so far seem good. Is it a good camcorder?

    What others are on offer? I'm really after an affordable (250 - 350) 1080p Camcorder
    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated

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    Um, well let me stop you right there. I think you should back track and stick with DSLR. The reason why is that it provide way more clarity and detail than the camcorder. Camcorders like the SD90 are just camera used for home or special events. If you are trying to progress in film, I would say just buy more memory for your DSLR; it's not that expensive. Most people have the 550D which is a good choice to start with and provides a lighter body than the 60D. However, if you are going to focus more on videography go for the 660D which provides digital zoom that the 60D doesnt provide. If you are thinking of leaving DSLR cameras all the together. Go for a semi-pro camcorder like the Sony nexVG10 or if you have the money go for a XD Cam. Hope this helps

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    Thanks for your reply. I had thought about using my dslr for video but I have the Nikon d3100 and can only record for up to around 8 minutes. When I bought it, video wasn't very high on my priorities... Now I wish I hadn't overlooked this feature! I'm not a videographer of any sort, I just want to catch those special memories. I've got a driving experience in 4 weeks that I would like to record and also my sister is coming home from Australia as a Suprise for my mums birthday which I also want to catch in camera. I'm just after a decent camcorder with a clean and clear picture. Kind regards.

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