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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 12plus query

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    One of my colleagues - a total newcomer to the programme - has an unusual problem with Studio 12 plus. When a clip is used from the Album and placed on the Timeline, then a red tick should appear at the top right of the thumbnail in the album. My colleague doesn't get this tick and of course this is very frustrating for her. Other colleagues using the programme have never experienced this problem.

    Can any one help or advise on this please? Wynn

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    Is your colleague looking at the right thumbnail?

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    Thanks for the reply. I don't normally use Pinnacle myself but have it on my machine and I don't experience the problem. I have been with the lady when this happens and I can't fathom it out. I wont be seeing the person for a while now but when I do I will go over it again. You ask if they are using the right thumbnail. Can you explain better this point as neither of us are very experienced. Many thanks. Wynn

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    In the album there are 2 icons, files and scenes, check the scenes and all the scenes (thumb nails) will appear in the album. The video file must be highlighted for scene detection to work. If the video is one continuous file then no scenes will be detected.
    To find a scene in the album whilst it is on the timeline hover mouse over the clip on the timeline, right mouse click, select "find scene in album" and that scene will be highlighted in the album.

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    Thanks for the helpful advice. I will follow up and see how we get on.
    Thanks again. Wynn

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