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Thread: Help converting AVCHD to another HD format

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    Default Help converting AVCHD to another HD format

    I am very new to video editing. My buddy and I are making a video but he needs me to convert my video (avchd) to another hd format. I have purchased videostudio x4 pro but all of the other video options are less than hd. My buddy said that .avi, .mov, and mp4 are all fine but I would go from 1920x1080 down to 800x600 for the frame size....this is less than ideal. Any ideas?

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    This doesn't sound good to me 1920x1080 is a widscreen aspect ratio and 800x600 isn't widescreen. This means you will either need to crop the image or squash it, niether is very satisfactory. Why does it need to be changed to this size ?

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    The only options the software gives me are 800x600 or less, not sure why. I can manually chose what size but the quality didn't turn out and it made a very short clip into 21gb. This is annoying.

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    Why do you need to convert the video at all ? "My buddy asked me to" is not a good reason. Video Studio 4x will handle this type of video format. Even if your computer can't cope with HD you can make proxy files to make it easier on your system. I understand you are new to the world of videos but your post isn't makeing sence to me. Can you explain better so I might be able to help you better.

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    My Buddy's camera shoots in a different hd format than mine. He hates avchd for whatever reason. I tried to convert it to another hd format which is easier for him to manage. Maybe I am doing something wrong with the process.....I select "batch convert" then chose the clip I want to convert. He said .avi or mp4 would work so I select them. For example when I select .avi it gives me a list of options to save the frame size as 40x30 up to 800x600. Similar numbers are listed for mp4. I am exploring the settings but it seems my software isnt capable of hd conversion. It, at this point, has to reduce the quality to dvd quality.

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    Your software is capable of HD rendering. I'm not familiar enough to be able to talk you through the steps so I can only recommend you read the help files. When you convert it keep it at 1920x1080 to help keep the quality. See if there are templates for HDV which is a good HD format for editing.

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    Hey, I have used videostudio for years and I can't help but wonder why are you having this problem :/ I suggest using xilisoft or Any Converter to convert those files. I find it easier to change to xvid format (.avi). If you can't get a hold of these programs, try to drag and drop the files onto the timeline and render them as HD mpeg files which are the easiest to handle on that particular software. Also, if you can get a hold of "Compressor", try converting to Apple 422 HQ which I found has the best playback while editing. Of course, you might want to render it out as AVCHD in 1920 x 1280 after you finish your cuts. The cool thing about the Apple 422 format is that retains all the quality of your footage but compresses it specifically for editing.

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    Yeah, I figured it out. I wasn't supposed to use "convert batch." Using the timeline was more effective. Thanks for the help!!!

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